Quick DIY improvements for your home

Adding some tiny improvements to your home can go a long way
to making it a cozier and
more welcoming environment for your family and guests. Sometime
s all a home needs in order to
shine to its full potential are just some small projects th
at can be done over a weekend. What’s more,
our suggestions are incredibly easy to pull off, and don’t re
quire advanced skills, just a little
imagination. Without further ado, here are some changes you c
an make around the house with a tiny
amount of effort:

Beautify your entrance

The first contact people will have with your home is the
entrance door, of course. It can
speak loads about what type of home you have, and improving it c
an make a huge difference.
Consider repainting your front door with a warm colour, such
as red. Welcome mats and potted
plants near your entrance are also a good idea. You can
even consider adding a small furniture item,
such as a bench or an outdoor chair.

Indoor lighting

Making full use of natural (and artificial) light can do
wonders for your home. Identify what
rooms can become brighter (or dimmer, if there is too much
artificial light) and how. Sometimes
moving even a piece of furniture out of the way can make a h
uge difference. Switching out old light
fixtures with new ones can also have a good effect. Try
to find light bulbs that aren’t tiring for the
eyes, while also complementing the design style. Also, lo
ok out for thick window curtains and don’t
use them unless you absolutely have to. The more natural
light, the better!

Give small spaces some love

A small room is an amazing opportunity for you to let loose
on your interior design ideas.
Chair rail or picture molding can do amazing things to a small
er space. You can even go crazy with
colours and experiment with more unusual choices (turqoise
, for example). If you don’t want to
commit to painting, a wallpaper will do just fine, even if
you don’t cover the entire wall. The idea
here is to observe what elements in the small spaces c
an be made more obvious without too much
try to use complementary colour or objects which bring out
points of interest.

Add storage to your hallway

Organizing items can be a huge pain for homeowners, especially
if you’re the type of person
who likes to keep objects as memories. Consider adding a sto
rage space to your entry hallway, such
as a small closet or some wicker baskets. This can be a s
pace which you use to drop your frequent
items, the ones you need only when you step outside
keys, umbrellas, shopping bags, and so on.
Wall-mounts are also a great addition here, and even a sma
ll mirror can be something that can liven
up your hallway.


Finally, when it comes to improving your already lovely home
, another thing to consider is
updating the overall look. You don’t have to have a makeover
and throw away everything that’s old
or outdated. If you want to make an impactful change to the l
ook of your home, but don’t want to
invest a lot of time into doing so, there are many small
things you can change. Move the furniture
around a bit, see if you can’t make up some more space. Cha
nge the curtains with different coloured
ones. Add some molding that complements the architecture.
Organize your rooms in slightly
different, but noticeable ways. There are a lot more oth
er small changes you can make if you look
around your living space. They won’t do much on their own, but
making many small changes can
have a huge overall impact on how your home looks.
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Nathan James

Nathan James