20 Dec 2016

Organizing Tricks

Hide things inside your drawers.

Use towels and tongs to dust your blinds.


Clean cleft with old toothbrush.

Use Velcro to keep remote within reach.…

26 Nov 2016

Decorations You Can Create At Home

There’s no place like home art.

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Butterfly Cloches

Patterned Clock

Cross Stitch Wall Art

Wall Decals…

10 Nov 2016

Hacks To Improve Your Home

Creative way to keep your router unseen.

Ice cubes can remove dents of your carpet.

Use tissue box to organize plastic bags.
Use rubber band to keep your door open.
To remove hair from carpet use squeegee.
A ball of aluminum foil can be a good replacement of drier sheets.
You can use rubber bands for stripped screws.